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She unfollowed me on FB!

I thought we were okay. To be honest, I already consider her as one of my best friends/sisters. We’re not actually from the same age level but she is only a few years older than me. Though every time she is around, I always have this strange feeling towards her. It’s actually like a feeling of incompatibility but I just let it go. I still try to befriend her.
She is actually very generous towards me. She even gave me clothes that do not fit her size anymore. I really thought she likes me. She would even like every single photo and status of mine in Facebook until one day… I found out she unfollowed me!
I was hurt. I really don’t know her reasons. We were okay. We are okay. But I really don’t know why. Is she hiding a secret hate towards me? Am I too much of a bother to her news feed for crying out loud? I mean, it does not make any sense. Why? Maybe, just maybe, my negative instincts toward her from the very start was right.
So okay. I moved on and just pretend I was not aware of what she did. Out of my hurt, I also unfollowed her. I just could not bear the thought of what she did. Was she just putting up a show all this time? I mean, am I a threat to her? I really don’t know. She even keeps tagging me photos of our nephew until now. Like, okay… “You just unfollowed me and you’re tagging me photos? What are you trying to show?”
I know it’s not really a big deal to others but for me it really matters–especially because she is my sister-in-law.
Right now, I just accept it. I will try to understand her. I will just continue being nice to her despite what she did. She is not only a sister-in-law but also a sister-in-Christ… so all the more that I have to understand her.

Have you experienced this one too? If not from a sister-in-law then maybe from a close friend? Feel free to tell me how you feel through the comments below. 🙂



When you apply for work especially online, there is always that application question required for you to answer so your application could be fully evaluated and considered. Well, in my experience, I have this application question that goes: What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why?

At first, I was reluctant to answer. I tried asking myself several times the same question. “Ano nga ba yung biggest achievement ko? Or do I even have one?” I tried answering “graduated from college with flying colors, landed a stable job, found a suitable partner (husband), etc.” but whenever I say “biggest” achievement, they do not seem to count. For me “biggest” is something more, something extreme, something worth it. And so I just remove any hesitations to answer what was really in my heart, ignoring what will be the employer’s reaction upon reading my answer.

This is what I wrote:

Biggest achievement for me is not measured by means of defining what you are or what you’ve become, what you have or own or even where you’ve been. For me, it goes beyond that. It’s simply living a life full of contentment. This may sound strange or too unspecific but this is what achievement means for me. It’s living a life of finding purpose in God. It’s just that you enjoy what you do and you don’t feel like comparing yourself with what others have achieved because you believe that every individual is unique, wonderfully made and has his/her own purpose. I think this is my biggest achievement–learning to live a life of full dependence in Him. It means simply living life to the fullest, being happily married and trusting Him for whatever wonderful purpose He has in store for me. My biggest achievement is what I am now–what God created me to be. And I believe that it would never be hard for me to love what I do because I do it for the Lord. 🙂