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My closest cousins had arrived and I am scared to tell them that I badly wanted to see them. It’s been forever that I was longing to see them home yet they just can’t. And when I left, they did. It’s frustrating to think that it’s done on purpose. Yes, I’m sad and disappointed. I’m sad that there are really people born with narrow minds. Narrower than what you could imagine. If they only knew how much I care for them but their hearts are just hard as stone. Why are they like that? It’s unimaginable. I just can’t stand their attitude anymore. Let God deal with them.


Stupidity Strikes


It’s not stupidity to still hope in someone whom you knew would most probably ignore, or worse, reject you. It’s what you called longing and hope. You long that maybe there is the tiniest bit of hope in him responding to your call. You hope that he might still answer you, accept you and give you another chance. Though you have the slimmest chances, it still does not stop you to hold on and to hope because you believe that maybe, just maybe, he feels the same way.