Rewards that Last



Most of the time we tend to do something because of the reward we would get in the end. We tried to be good in our work so we could get promoted. We study even harder just to get good grades. We even offer help to someone for a payback. Whatever our reasons are, we can’t deny the fact that we work on something for the reward. We get motivated into doing something because of the benefit we would get. If we could not get the benefit ourselves, at least someone we love would. But don’t we ever realized that we tend to settle in rewards that never lasts? Rewards that are only temporary? Maybe it’s time we ponder about it. We are not here on earth for a superficial purpose. We are here for God’s purpose. And when we say God, it’s serious. It’s eternal. It lasts forever. When we live for God, we will not be wasting our time anymore doing something that seemed meaningless. It is because we know that we will soon get our reward for it. And when that reward comes, I believe we could never ask for more. When we do something, let us do it for God. When we want to work hard to be promoted, let us commit our work to the Lord. If we get promoted, let us bring Him back the glory. In everything we do, let us always offer it to God. When we help someone, let us not expect for something in return. Just leave it to God. He will reward you. It may not come in an instant but it will still come. And when it does, we will realize that we have been rewarded for more than we deserve. That is our God. He never fails. He could give us something far greater than the world has to offer. He never ends. He lasts forever.

Now, let me ask you a question: What are you working for? What kind of rewards do you want? Fame, power, money? Or is it simply a reward that lasts forever? 🙂


Stupidity Strikes


It’s not stupidity to still hope in someone whom you knew would most probably ignore, or worse, reject you. It’s what you called longing and hope. You long that maybe there is the tiniest bit of hope in him responding to your call. You hope that he might still answer you, accept you and give you another chance. Though you have the slimmest chances, it still does not stop you to hold on and to hope because you believe that maybe, just maybe, he feels the same way.