Appreciating Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura—the Battousai, the man with X-scar-mark in the face, the monster turned into an angel (Yes, for me his kindness is just heart-melting.)

I know a lot of people love watching animes and reading mangas. I don’t blame them for loving those–for I am also one of them. I even grew up admiring and crushing on anime characters instead of my “human peers”. It even gets to the point of falling in love with them.

I really have a lot of anime crushes. They include Shinichi from Detective Conan, Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi, Takishima from Special A, Tsukimori from La Corda d’Oro, yeah, you name them! But one character that I really, really love the most, (I mean he really got my heart–bull’s eye!) the one who always caught me off guard with one strike of his sword, the one I would imagine myself dating with—is Kenshin Himura.

Kenshin is really one character that stands out in the anime world. Aside from his ideals and principles, his funny moments with the rest of the characters were just hard to forget. Those “funny moments” he had shared that are quite paradoxical to what he really is on the inside.

One reason why I love Kenshin is that everytime I watch him, he is actually making me feel like Kaoru herself. It’s quite inexplicable but I guess some girls could relate to this. Once they watch their TV crushes, they start to see themselves as the leading lady of their crush. It’s like identifying themselves with the lady character.

Well, Kenshin is just fun to watch. Though he’s not that expressive towards Kaoru, the viewers/readers could still sense that something is going on between them–which makes them crave for more. I just kind of feel sad that the anime series does not have the final ending that is written in the manga. I hope they would continue making more of those episode until they get to the “real” finale wherein Kenshin and Kaoru finally had a child named “Kenji”. (I hope the producers and staff of Rurouni Kenshin could get to read this. Fingers crossed.)

It was also in the manga where I confirmed how Kenshin loved Kaoru the most when Kenshin saw the dead body of Kaoru (which is actually not the real body of Kaoru) and cried out her name as “Kaoru” without “-dono” (Ms. Kaoru) for the first time. Kenshin was really heartbroken and even gave up living his life for he has found no reason anymore to continue living (though he had recovered from the pain after). It was also in the manga where Kenshin mentioned that Kaoru is the one most important person in his life. Megumi also told Kaoru before leaving that Kenshin has finally chosen her. He did not choose Megumi nor Tomoe but he chooses Kaoru to be with him. (Honestly, I keep reading those lines over and over again. I just can’t contain the feelings of giddiness for Kaoru.)

Truly, Kenshin is one of my ideal men in terms of personality and attitude towards women. Though I know that Kenshin Himura is not real, I hope that those watching him will make him an inspiration to be a better man. Kenshin is the one who firmly stick to his ideals and fight for those who could not fight for themselves. He also has the heart to change a person (especially the bad guys) to realize and actualize his life to become better. Kenshin is really one of those guys whom we can say, “He’s the man!”

I really would like to write more but I guess it’s now with you to find out who Kenshin is (if you’re not familiar to him yet) or argue with me (if you know him and disagree with what I am talking here) or better yet, agree and share in my giddiness. 🙂

Photo grabbed form Google

Kenshin Himura is just so handsome! This is actually my phone’s wallpaper. 🙂 (Photo grabbed from Google)


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