Patiently Waiting


I love writing songs. It is something that takes me beyond my own personality, my own world. Simply like my little outlet of expressing my thoughts and emotions.

This song I wrote is entitled “Waiting”. It is one of my favorite written songs. It tells about someone I was praying for to be with in my life. It depicts waiting with patience and full surrender to the Lord– that may the desires of my heart are still in accordance to His will.

These are my song’s lyrics:

Verse 1:

First time I saw Him I was not aware of the feelings

But as time went by, I felt something strange inside

Then I prayed to the God of Love, What is this? You know I’m afraid to love.

Just tell me so I’d be glad to know all Your plans

But for now…


Lord, help me guard my heart as I grow closer to him

And Lord, I’d be willing to wait no matter how long it takes

Oh Lord, help me guard these feelings, these precious feelings

Now I’m praying while I’m waiting, Oh Lord,

for Your perfect timing

Verse 2:

Lord, take away these feelings if they’re not from You

‘Cause I’d never get tired of waiting as long as You want me to

But then Lord, if he’s the one for me, I’ll rejoice

And still I’ll never cease to pray

I know Your plans are way better than mine and I trust You

So for now… (Repeat Chorus)


Now my years of waiting has finally paid off and the Lord has indeed provided me with someone I could love forever.

Are you waiting for that special someone too? Ask God to grant you the patience and strength to wait for that special person.



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