The Fault in our Stars (Reaction)

“Grief does not change you. It reveals you.”
“Without pain, we could not know joy.”
Just finished reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green and the book was so awesomely cruel to make me cry like that. The book taught me that death is indeed inevitable, so as life; and the longer we live, the more difficult it is to think about death.
If only I have a choice, I wish I was dead already. I wish I was dead since I was still a young just beginning to see life. ‘Cause now that I’ve seen so much of life, I am afraid to let it go, in other words, die. But again, I am left with no choice but to die. I do not know when, but I will still die. Perhaps death is the only thing that assures us of our own destinies. And change is not the only constant thing but also death.
The thought of death just pains me in my very chest. Like it is leaving me an uncanny feeling of sadness and joy. Sad because of fear and joy to overcome that fear.
It is indeed devastating to think that you live just to die.
In living, there is always dying yet in dying, living could not be achieved sometimes. In other words, others die without even having a chance to live. That is why living is unfair sometimes and it is only through dying that it could be justified.

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